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If you need this knobby chewy tube, please 

How does this  

knobby chewy tube help with my child's speech?

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Chewy Tube for speech therapy and occupational therapy

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Knobby Chewy Tube

A patented methodology offered by Speech Pathology Associates LLC

We Use it as a Therapy Tool During Speech Therapy and 

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We train parents to conduct Oral Motor Exercises for:

 -speech development 

 -speech clarity

 -strengthening jaw muscles

 -to help the child control the muscles & movement that is needed to talk 

 ( just make an appointment, training is FREE, the tube only costs around RM60) 

-Oral Sensory Hyper Sensitivities, gently massaging the inner mouth to with the knobby stick to reduce sensitivities (for picky eaters)                             

-Oral Sensory Hypo Sensitivities, knobby texture of this sensory chewy is designed to provide tons of oral motor   feedback for children who may otherwise chew their hair,  t-shirts or fingers.

-It can be use to train your child to stop mouthing all the objects he sees and instead bite this tube