Why is your child so picky with food ? How can you help your picky eater?

Updated: May 15, 2020


I recommend reading AN EARLIER POST FIRST

Here we go again with the famous & important SENSORY PYRAMID CHART.

Lets look at number 2, the TACTILE SENSE

If your child’s 3 basic senses;

Vestibular, Proprioceptive & Tactile,

are not well integrated, he will not be fully comfortable with himself…displaying behaviors that may make you think that he is a difficult and fussy child.

You may have struggles with daily routines such as eating, brushing hair or teeth and more..( the sensory system: See NO 1)

Confused….this will make more sense to you if you read the post below first then come back to this one.


Assuming that you have read the earlier post…………..

Lets go straight to the Tactile sense (sense of touch, skin ) and the PICKY EATER..

A person with sensory problems may be too sensitive to touch (tactile defensiveness) or

under-sensitive to touch-hardly feeling anything (tactile hypo-sensitivity)

For the picky eater, lets only look at tactile defensiveness.

How do I know if my Child is Tactile Defensive?

He may be fussy with certain food textures ( slimy or lumpy)

He may not like strong tasting foods, preferring bland food ( like plain white rice )

His choice of food may be limited

He may appear to be stubborn as he may not even be willing to taste other foods

Usually, a child who is Tactile Defensive will NOT ONLY be a picky eater….

What do you mean?

Children with touch sensitivities can face other problems that include:

  • Brushing teeth, combing hair...or getting haircuts

  • Uncomfortable in certain clothing materials or the labels in clothing.

  • Over reacting when nails are being cut

  • Walking barefooted on wet grass, bathroom tiles or even dry sand

( beach )


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