Why developing your child's SORTING SKILLS is crucial for her future ACADEMIC SUCCESS..

Updated: May 11

Why do we overlook this important skill?

We often tend to overlook the importance of sorting, thinking of it as activities for our child’s entertainment or to get some peace for ourselves...zzzZZZ.

This is probably because the benefits of building this skill is not as obvious as those of teaching our children phonics which enable them to read.

Simply focusing on teaching our children to do math, read and write is insufficient. There are other school readiness activities that are just as or more important than that.

One of them is sorting skills

What role does “Sorting” play in preparing our child for success in school?

It builds on their ability to classify, observe, analyze & make logical decision based on information they are given.  Even the simple act of recycling trash involves the ability to sort ....

What happens if this skill is not worked on?

Into our child's schooling years, we might find them struggling in their studies. They may not have the ability to think in certain ways.

Take science of for example, where you need to observe, make interpretations about some information provided. 

Why is sorting important?

It is the stepping stone in thinking logically about an object. It sets the foundation, necessary for future mathematics, science and daily living ability.

How does our child develop sorting skills?

The prerequisite for sorting is the ability to match identical objects.

Lets develop our child’s sorting ability now !! 

Step 1

Firstly, we teach them how to group objects, based on a single shared attribute.

At this level they are beginning to understand that some things are the same and some different


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