The MUST-GO-TO 'Autism-Sensory & ADHD' WORKSHOP by experts from Intl Medical University and more!!

Updated: May 4, 2020

In July 2019, International Medical University (IMU) together with Louis Center for Children with Special Needs conducted a workshop on,

“Identifying and Treating Autism, ADHD and Sensory Issues”

Among those who attended this workshop were doctors, psychologists, parents, special education teachers, mainstream schoolteachers and members of certain NGOs.

Many result-orientated Autism Intervention Centers from across Malaysia sent their representative participants to gain knowledge in order to impart and implement the crucial practices taught at this workshop.

International Medical University (IMU) together with Louis Center for Children with Special Needs conducted a workshop on, “Identifying and Treating Autism, ADHD and Sensory Issues”
A/ Prof Dr. Zainab Abd Majeed, International Medical University
Pakar Psikiatri Kanak Kanak dan Remaja Seremban, Dr Rajandran Muthoo
Dr Rajan (Child Psychiatrist)| Julia Louis (Special Needs Educator) taking Questions from out engaging attendees

This fun and interactive workshop went on for almost 6 hours. The participants were provided with breakfast and lunch.

The program consisted of brief talks, practical hands on activities, group-based case studies, Q&A sessions and more.

Our group of attendees were very active and keen participants. Questions from participants on the application of the procedures taught were encouraging.

The main goal of the workshop was to empower our attendees with knowledge and skills that they could use in a real-life setting.

Louis center for special needs and imu workshop autism adhd by child psychiatrist, Dr Rajandran Muthoo

Some of the questions that were answered by workshop included:


  • Does my child have Autism or is this ‘normal’ behavior?

  • How do we identify Autism?

  • Sensory Issues in Autism-What is the connection?

  • Is it important to identify and address the sensory issues our children face?

  • *What are the practical solutions to employ to ADVANCE our child, patient or student with Autism?

  • *What are the practical solutions that we can employ to help our child, patient or student with Autism?


  • Why is knowledge on ADHD very IMPORTANT? A: around 10% of children worldwide have ADHD

  • Is your child dreamy, forgetful or very active and disruptive?

  • Do you frequently receive complaints from his or her school teachers?

  • Why do we need to act fast? What do we do?

CAREGIVERS: (parents & teachers)

  • Are you stressed with your child’s behavior, his future, complaints from him from others, the public perception of you as a parent?

  • How can you feel better?

  • What are the tools that exist for YOU?

BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT (for children with autism and ADHD)

  • Do you often struggle with behavioral problems?

  • Is there often power struggles?

  • What is the purpose behind your child’s behavior?

  • Could it be due to sensory issues?

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