Speech Therapy Activity: Pronouns 'he' & 'she' : Part 4

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Why is this important for my child ?

If your child does not know how to use these pronouns, his sentences won’t flow well. See the example in the picture below.

Speech therapy activity using he or she at louis centre for autism seremban
Towards increasing the number of sentences

How do I start teaching him this?

Before introducing "he" or "she" to your child, we must make sure that he knows the differences between a boy and a girl.

If your child DOES KNOW the differences, you can skip the next sections and go straight to the How do I teach my child to use "he" and "she" ? section at the bottom.

How do I teach him to differentiate between boys and girls?

There are various methods to teach this skill. I for one, believe in using a variety of methods to teach a single skill. It makes learning more exciting for your child, it reinforces the skill and teaches your child to use the knowledge in different activities and environments (generalize this knowledge).

Below are two examples of how we do it at the center (videos)

What other methods are there?

One great method that we frequently use when we first introduce this concept can be found in our previous post. Simply click on the image of the post below. All the steps on conducting the activity can be found in the post.

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How do I teach my child to use "he" and "she"?


Place 2 flashcards on the table. One, of a boy sitting and the other, of a girl sitting.

Activity Goal: The goal for this activity is for your child to point to the correct card based on your statement.

Your Statement: " she is sitting"

Now your child has to point to the card where the girl is sitting

Your Statement: " he is sitting"

Now your child has to point to the card where the boy is sitting

Do this with a variety of action cards such as jumping, eating and walking


Place a picture of a girl sitting and a boy walking on the table (see below). You can ask your child, " who is walking?" . You can help him out initially by answering, " he is". Try to get his siblings or your other half involved to model the correct answer. Ask, " who is sitting?" You need to train your child to say "she is". You can use the same set of cards as in EXAMPLE 1

louis centre for autism seremban speech therapy tips pronouns
Who is sitting? She is or he is?
louis centre for autism seremban speech therapist tips pronouns
Who is walking? He or She?

See how we do it at our center..

You don't need a projector to do this activity, just replace the selection pictures with flash cards or images on your computer

For more ideas do check out our videos below :



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