Why is your Child Touching Everything that she can get her hands on? Learn how you can help her..

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

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Your child may have a sensory problem called " Tactile Hyposensitivity"

Huh!!!!...What is that..?

What is Tactile?

Tactile is to do with our skin. I am sure that you are familiar with our 5 senses. The tactile sense is to do with how we feel touch, pressure, pain or even enjoyment.

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The 5 Most Famous Senses

What is Tactile Hyposensitivity?

Some children have problems with how their brain processes the sensations (feelings) on their skin.

(otak dia tidak memproses sentuhan yang diterima dari kulit dengan betul)

An example please?

Let's take a look at the picture below first...

( kedua duanya jatuh dan menerima tahap kecederaan yang sama )

The child on the left with " tactile HYPOsensitivity " did not cry or complain at all, even though the elbow was slightly injured ( buat seperti langsung tidak terasa )

The child on the right with " tactile HYPERsensitivity " cried on and on, he cried too much for a small little injury ( menangis dengan terlampau walaupun kecederaan sedikit sahaja )

Below is how a child WITHOUT a TACTILE problem would behave:

She may cry a little, complain about the pain and would continue playing.(jika anak tiada masalah ini, dia mungkin menangis sedikit dan sambung bermain)

Why does being Tactile Hyposensitive make my child touch everything?

She may feel somewhat numb all over her body, hands and legs. The feeling of numbness makes her feel very uncomfortable.

Your smart child has figured out how to soothe this restless feeling by touching things, rubbing herself against certain materials (curtains, carpets..) , or asking for hugs all the time.

(dia terasa kebas di seluruh badannya. Perasaan ini tidak selesa bagi dia...ini yang membuatkan dia mencari kain, carpet atau apa apa jenis permukaan untuk disentuh)

Not every child with Tactile Hyposensitivity behaves in the same manner.

How can I help my Tactile Hypo-sensitive child?

The slides below, contains the various activities that you can do at home that will help.

Lihat slide di bawah untuk aktiviti aktiviti yang boleh membantu anak anda...

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