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Speech Tips: How to Choose the Right Words to Teach your Child - Part 1

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

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What is this post about?

Part 1 of this new series helps you select the best sets of words that is most suitable for your child. This post will soon be followed by Part 2 - which will be on how to teach your child the word sets that you have selected.

How do I choose the right words to start teaching my child?

First you will need to think of something that you do regularly with your child - a ritual or routine that is done on a daily basis.

This way, the words will be more meaningful to your child. Additionally, you will be able to practice the same words every time you do the selected routine.

What kind of routines are we talking about?

The daily morning bathroom activity is an example of a routine that you do daily. This activity may include everything that you do in the bathroom- from brushing your child's teeth to giving him a shower.

However you can break it up to make it easier for your child. It can be the brushing teeth routine alone or the bath routine alone

Let's look at the chart below for some examples of routines and the different sets of words that you can teach with each routine.

It's best to start with a routine that you think would be the easiest for your child....

Speech Therapist Seremban choosing the right words 1

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Why should I do Sorting Activities with my child?

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