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Speech Tips: Choose & Teach the Best Group of Words to your Child - Part 2

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What is this post about?

In Part 1 we provided some suggestions on choosing the best sets of words based on your child daily routine. This post provides the first step in teaching the words during the routine.

I have decided on the word sets from the "Brushing Teeth Routine"..

There are at least 6 words that you can teach in the brushing teeth routine.

Occupational Therapy Seremban tips on routines words

What do I do next?

Let's say that your target words are toothbrush and toothpaste

While you are doing this routine with your child, hold up the toothbrush ( or just brush) and say its name. Do the same with the toothpaste (or just paste). It's better to shorten the word when it is new. Use the two words as often as you can.

Find opportunities to use the selected words - as often as you can..

When you use the words in a sentence, say them louder than all the other words.

You say: Look…brush. Mama is washing the brush. We are going to brush your teeth.

We need paste now. Where is the paste? (hold it in your hands). Look paste !

Lets put paste on your brush.

  • Carry on with this practice and start trying to ask your child to point to the 2 objects.

  • Try to also ask him questions such as " what is this?" while holding the objects.

  • Remember to praise all his attempts....

Look out for Part 3 of this series !!! COMING SOON....

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Occupational Therapy Seremban tips on routines words pt 1

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