Speech Therapy: Follow 1-Step Directions-Decorating a X'mas Tree

Updated: May 11, 2020

Why is it important for your child to learn how to follow directions?

...in school, following directions starts as soon as school begins...........................

During assembly, students are directed to be quiet, to stand in line, not to sit, to sing and on and on…......

Then comes the classroom, here students are directed to take out a particular book from their bags, stationary, pass up homework…....

Even during break time, they are directed to line up to buy their snack, directed to pay for it.....

On top of it....ALL this carries on at home….we tell them to take a shower, put their dirty clothes in the laundry bin, dry their hair…..OTHERWISE WE GET MAD….

So that is why following directions is a CRUCIAL SKILL.

How to conduct the therapy?


MEMBERS can find the materials in the courses page. Just print and laminate the Christmas Tree and Decorations pages.

Cut out the decorations following the black lines.



1. Provide your child with a selection of 2-4 different colored bells to pick from

( see row 1 below)

Keeping the other decorations away.

EG: "Place or Put the red bell on the tree"

2. Provide your child with a selection of 2-4 candy canes.

EG: "Put the 3 candy canes on the tree"

( see row 2 on the left)

3. Provide your child with a selection of 2 or more different decorations.

EG: "Put the snowman on the tree."

( row 3)

Be creative and try other ways to carry out this activity

Most of you are very creative....do share your ideas with me....Level 2 consists of 2-step directions

(coming soon)

Remember to praise your child even if you had to help him complete the directions.

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