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Speech Therapy Activity: Teaching "he" & "she" Part 2...

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

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What does my child need to know before I can teach him this skill?

He needs to be able to identify boys and girls accurately.

If he is not able to do so, please go to the post below first (click the image to get there)

Speech therapy autism Seremban

How am I going to teach my child to use "he" and "she"?

Its Preparation Time Now

Follow the steps in the picture below;

Speech Therapist Seremban Tips on Pronouns Part 2

How do we conduct the therapy?

We will begin will Level 1( see the instructions below)

Autism Centre Seremban

Repeat the procedure above with all the picture cards. You can create more cards to practice this skill further.

Is there a Level 2 for this activity?

Once your child has mastered the skill above, you can provide him with all the picture cards to sort.

He will need to place all the girl cards on the "she sheet" and vice versa.

What's next?

Go on to Part 3 of the series "he and she" : click on the image below to get there...

Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy tips Seremban

There is a Part 4 too...simply click on the image below

Speech therapy Advice Seremban Louis Center

My child is able to identify the basic pronouns. What's next?

If your child understands pronouns and prepositions (location in, on under), you can try out the activity on the link below.

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