Speech Therapy Activity: Teach your Child to Request for her Toys..Part 1

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

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How do I teach my child to ask me for her toys?

Firstly you will need to get her a cupboard that is only for keeping her toys in. She must NOT be able to OPEN the cupboard by herself.

If your child is able to take her toys without your help, she will not need to ask you for it. Our goal is for her to ask you for her toys (she does not have to be able to speak to make a request)

My child will get very angry if I put away all her toys. What can I do?

Don't worry, we will first make it VERY EASY for her to ask for the toys.

All parents know which are the toys that their child likes to play with most. Put away around 2 of the toys that she plays with everyday. You can leave the rest of the toys out.

Preparation Time...

Take good quality photographs of the 2 toys that she likes best, print and laminate them so they lasts longer. The pictures must be very clear.

At this beginning stage, it is better to make the pictures big. The minimum recommended size is 5R...see the picture below...

What do I do now?

Place the 2 toys in the cupboard and paste the 2 pictures on the cupboard ( where she can reach and would be able to point to it)

An example:

Every morning Liz likes to start her day by playing with her train set. After the train set she then plays with her Lego. Usually children with autism have a fixed routine and a few favorite toys.

For the first few days or until she understands the concept, it will be easier to do this activity together with someone that can help you ( your training helper)

Why do I need a training partner to help me?

The training partner can help the process be faster ( speed is very important when you first start the training).

As soon as you guide your child's hand to touch the picture, the training partner will open the door, take the train set out and hand it over to your child (see pic below)

Why is the timing very important?

The shorter the time between touching the picture and getting the train set, the easier it is for your child to understand the "action and consequence relationship".

Where do we go from here?

Practice this activity with your child's various toys...At this stage our goal is for her to touch the correct picture to let us know which toy she wants to play with.

Do remember to say the words on the card repeatedly so that your child will pick it up and may start to use them too.....

Look out for part 2 of this series by coming back to check out our blog page (click on the "speech therapy" menu)...or by subscribing to our Blog....it's all free.

For parents who are members, we have uploaded 24 Action Verb Pictures Cards for you to print and laminate....It's located in the Speech Therapy Toolkit section, in the Verbs box
See the picture below

How do I become a member?

This program is available only for parents who have children with special needs. Membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Click the image below to learn more or to join our "Parents As Therapists" Program.

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