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SPEECH THERAPY ACTIVITY: Location Preposition LEVEL 1 (Kata Depan)

Updated: May 4, 2020


* To UNDERSTAND the concept of the words:

" in & on ".

* Learning to use these words will enable your child to describe scenarios with more details as well as to communicate better

* Either Expressly ( saying it out aloud ) , or Receptively

(by arranging the words and pics to make a sentence)

* To make sentences using the words "in" and "on".

7 Prepositions in reference to a 'Place' or Location (Kata Depan)


  • There are 7 Basic Prepositions Location above.

  • Select 1 to start with. If your child goes to kindergarten or school, he will carry a school bag. I recommend starting with : IN (IN, ON & UNDER are the easier ones)

  • This is so that you can practice this skill every morning when packing his school bag

  • Suggestions for starting: Get a transparent bag. Parent place an object (eg Ball) in the bag and say “ In” “Ball in” “Ball is in bag”. Prepare 5 to 6 balls to repeat the action of putting it into the bag as well as using the word “in”.

  • Instruct your child “put ball in bag” use the word “in” repeatedly. Each time he succeeds clap, praise or tickle him ( whichever he prefers).

  • If your child knows his colours, you can add it on to make the sentence longer: ”Put the blue ball in the “ . Say the word “in” louder than the rest of the words

  • Now practice using the word “in” with other activities, this will help him generalize. Always demonstrate first.

  1. Put the coin in the money box.

  2. Put the pencil in the box

  3. Ask your child questions such as:

  4. Where is the ball?

  5. Where is the book?

  • Hide an object in a bag that he can see. “ Help me find the ball”. Respond “Great Job! It was IN the bag”

  • Once he is able to grasp the concept of IN, teach him OUT. Be creative….use objects that your child likes. EG: Place some candy in a transparent bag. Instruction: “Take the candy out of the bag”


Communicate with those who teach him about his achievements or concepts that he is finding difficult to grasp. This will enable you to work as a team, try out different methods or practice the concepts that he has mastered.


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