Speech Therapy Activity-Is this a Boy or a Girl?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

This activity is for you to teach your child to differentiate girls from boys and be able to answer to the question "Is this a boy or a girl?".

Before starting this activity, you will need to get the materials ready.

Instructions on Preparing the Materials

Speech Therapy Activity Tips created by Louis  Centre for Autism Seremban
Full instructions on how to prepare for this Speech Therapy Activity

Conducting the Therapy

Place only the two papers on the table and explain the difference between the two.

Louis Center Seremban Speech Therapy Activity tips and instructions
Step 1 on Conducting this Speech Therapy Activity

Hold the girl and boy picture cards in your hand. They should look like the image below.

Louis Center Seremban Speech Therapist Advice, tips and instructions for therapy
Step 2 on Conducting this Speech Therapy Activity

Starting the Activity

Louis Center Seremban Speech Therapist Advice, ideas and steps for conducting therapy
Step 3 on Conducting this Speech Therapy Activity

Hold a single card in your hand and ask your child " boy or girl ?"

Keep the question short and simple while the activity is still new.

PS: For a start, you may need to answer the question and model the action that you want your child to do.

Get your child's siblings to participate too. Your child may learn faster by watching first.

Answering and Modeling the Action

Say "it's a girl" , point to the Girl paper that is on the table, and say "girl".

" Let's put the girl picture on the girl paper". Next place the picture on one of the squares.

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This Activity is Too Difficult for My Child

If your child is finding this activity too difficult, only place the "Girl Paper" on the table and use only the "girl picture cards" . You can introduce the boy cards later.

Your child has mastered this activity. What's next? Reinforce & Generalize...

Once your child has mastered this activity, practice by asking him questions such as:

  • Is Mummy a girl or a boy?

  • Is Daddy a girl or a boy?

  • Is Liza a girl or a boy?

You can also use books to reinforce this skill by asking questions about the characters in the books.

Here are some of the methods we use at Louis Center to teach this skill:

The next step will be to introduce the pronouns he and she. There are a series of posts on teaching he and she starting with Part 2.

If your child has mastered this skill. Simply click on the image below...

Autism Centre Seremban Speech therapy tips

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My child is able to identify the basic pronouns and prepositions. What's next?

If your child understands pronouns and prepositions (location in, on under), you can try out this activity below.


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