Speech Therapy Activity: How to Get your Child to Request for Toys-Part 4

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

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Do I need to teach my child Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the Requesting for Toys Series first?

Yes, as your child will need to understand the concepts taught in Parts 1, 2 and 3 in order for her to move on to Part 4. The diagram below provides some details of what we have covered in all the 3 Parts.

AAutism Centre Seremban pt 4 requesting toy intro.jpg

What will I be teaching my child in Part 4 of this series?

In Part 4, you will be making, introducing, and teaching your child how to use the Communications Folder. This Communication Folder was mentioned briefly in Part 2 of this series - see below…looks familiar?

Autism Center Seremban preparation step 5 requesting toys pt2

What is the GOAL for Part 4 of this series?

Autism Center Seremban goal for request toy pt 4

Is it time for me to reduce the size of the picture cards? If so, what size should I reduce them to?

It all depends on what works best for your child. The sizes of the pictures are currently around 10.16 cm x 7.62cm - 4 pictures per Category card ( A4 sized, landscape)

However, it would be better to have at least 3 cards per row - 6 pictures per Category card. You would then require less Category cards - making the Folder thinner and lighter. See below....

If your child is ok with even smaller pictures, try using 8 pictures per Category card.

A good size for 3 picture cards per row would be 6cm x 6cm per card. For 4 cards in a row, you would need to make them smaller...

What kind of ring folder is suitable for my child?

It's bests that you get one that your child can carry around easily. Not too heavy or too bulky.

If you are good at craft, you can make one for your child out of various materials.

Some sites sell the insert pages as in the image below.

Click the image below to go to the site.. this material is commonly used in communication folders. You may even be able to get the material in a stationary shop.

Autism Center Seremban EIP using pecs

I found the one below in Shopee, click on the image to go to the page.

A NOTE: We like to use thin Velcro strips so that your child can pull out the images easily.

PS: We are not selling any of these products....however I thought this one looked cute..

Occupational Therapy Seremban pec book cover

How do you make a Communications Folder?

We make a very simple one..

See the Diagram below for the steps

Autism Center Seremban request toys pt 4 steps to make folder

How do I teach my child to achieve this NEW GOAL ?

1st Step: Getting her attention in a positive way.

During the initial stages, as your child approaches the cupboard to select a picture, you will need to quickly bring the Communications Folder down, open it and hold it up for your child to see it. At first you may need to hold it up to her face to get her attention.

You say: Want toys? Look train, Lego…..

Tap on the file if she does not look or make funny animated sounds that she loves. The goal is to get her attention. Once you get her attention put the open folder on the floor.

2nd Step: Teaching her to pull out the right picture card from the folder..

At this stage she already understands what is required of her from Part 3 - that is to pull out a picture from the Toy and Activities Category card to exchange it with you for a toy.

Now, with the Communication Folder open wide, she should be able to recognize the Toys and Activities Category cards.

Hopefully, she can and pulls out the right picture card and gives it to you.

If your child appears not to get it yet, guide her hand to pull out a picture of a toy that you think she wants to play with…

This whole process has to be done as fast as possible. There must be very little time between your child looking at her bare cupboard and getting her toy in hand.

EIP Center for Autism Seremban

If she is still struggling with this, use a training partner for a few days. It's important that your child does not give up. After assisting your child to pull out the picture that she wants, the training partner will guide her to give it to you. As usual, when it is a new skill, you need to provide her with what she wants quickly.

Do practice PROMPT FADING as explained in Part 2 of this series. Click the link below to read it again

Autism Center Seremban EIP prompt fading

Only after your child has mastered the 2nd Step, move on the the 3rd and last step for Part 4 of this series

3rd Step: Teaching your child to bring down the Folder by herself.

Now that your child is confident that all the pictures of the Toys and Activities are in the folder and they have not been taken away from her, you can slow down the process a little.

We now need your child to see how you remove the Folder from the cupboard and place it on the floor. She may want to try it out herself at this stage. If this does not happen, you will need to guide her to remove the Folder.

Removing the Folder will all depend on how you placed it on the cupboard. Find a way that is the easiest for her to take it down.

Remember to praise her for her little accomplishments…

4th Step : teaching her how to open and flip the pages of the folder

Once she is able to take down the folder and place it on the floor, teach her how to open the folder and flip the pages to look for the picture of the toy or activity that she wants.

If she finds flipping the pages difficult, help her out initially but don't make her too dependent on you...

Where do we go from here?

Practice this activity using this process as much as you can.

Do you have any other suggestions or recommendations for my child?

If you find this series useful, you will surely find our series on " Teach Your Child to Communicate using Action Verbs" suitable for your child too.

We will eventually connect both these series and your child's vocabulary will grow, his communication skills will improve, he will make request rather than just pulling your hand to what he desires, his speech will be clearer with practice and more...

Check out Part 1 - 3 of " How to Teach your Child to Request for Toys?" below;

Autism eip Seremban Louis Centre pt 1
Autism eip Seremban Louis Centre pt 2
Autism eip Seremban Louis Centre pt 3

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  • This is Part 4 of our series on How to Get Your child to Requests for his or her toys.

  • This series provides detailed steps and pictorials so that parents can conduct their own therapy at home. We use examples to illustrate the points.

  • In Part 4, our goal was for your child to take down her communications book from the cupboard, open it up, select a picture of a toy that she wants and hand it over to her caregiver in exchange for the toy.

  • See what Parts 1 -3 consisted of below...

Autism Centre Seremban pt 4 requesting toy intro

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