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Speech Therapy Activity: How to Get your Child to Request for Toys-Part 3

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

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What is the goal of this activity?

The goal of part 2 of this series was for your child to go to the "Toys and Activities" Category card, that is on the Toy Cupboard. Next, pull out the picture of the toy or activity that she wants and finally, give the picture to you.


Speech Therapy Seremban eip autism tips to reach goal in pt 1

Yes the cards were too high for my child to reach....

You can bring the Toys and Activities cards down to a lower level for your child to pick out the picture cards independently.

At this stage she may be happy that she can communicate her needs without getting frustrated. This usually will reduce the chances of the children damaging the picture cards.

Do keep copies of your picture cards safely in the computer so that you can replace them if needed.

What do I do at this level?

Your child will try to lead you to the cupboard to get a toy.

You will need to go to the cupboard but this time do not take out the Toys and Activities card for your child.

Step 1: see image below

Speech Therapy Seremban Services requesting toys pt2 st1

How do I make her understand that I will not be holding the Toys and Activities Category card for her?

Speech Therapy Seremban Services requesting toys pt2 what she knows now

Step 2: You may need to give her some clues or hints so that she directly takes out the picture and gives it to you - and not wait for you to present the Category card to her.

(while standing at the cupboard, ask her "what do you want to play with?" )

Some suggestions of hints :

You say: What do you want to play with?

Shake the Category Card while asking.


Touch the picture of the toy that you know she wants ( again while asking )


Pull the picture (half-way) of the toy that you know she wants...


Tell her to take out the picture and give it to you.

What if all the hints above do not work and she is still waiting for me to give her the Category Card ?

You would then need to get the help of the Training Partner again to guide your child for a few days.

At first, the training partner may need to guide your child's hand directly to the Toys and Activities Category card to pull out the picture. During this time you will just stand by the cupboard.

After assisting your child to pull out the picture that she wants, the training partner will guide her to give it to you. As usual, when it is a new skill, you need to provide her with what she wants quickly.

Do practice PROMPT FADING as explained in Part 2 of this series. Click the link below to go to Part 2.

Speech Therapist Seremban Services Autism tips part 2

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