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Speech Therapy Activity: "he" & "she" Part 3

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

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What does my child need to know before I can teach him this skill?

She needs to be able to identify boys and girls accurately.

If she is not able to do so, please go to the posts below first (click the image)

My child is able to do the Speech Therapy Activities above, what's next?

You may want to try the Speech Therapy activity in my previous post-click on the image below.

So what is this Part 3 about?

Let's see...lets prepare first !!

  • Print and laminate the three A4 papers below first ( mini A4 as an example).

  • Next, cut out each picture on the 3rd paper. If you have your own picture cards, this step is not necessary.

PS: For Parents who are Members of our site: I will upload the template so all you have to do is Print and Laminate.

Speech Therapist blog by Louis Center Seremban Pronouns Part 3
Part 3: Teach your child to use "he is " and "she is"

How do I conduct this Therapy?

Place the 1st and 2nd paper ( in the picture above) on a table.

PS: If your child is 100 % familiar with fruits, use only fruits as your picture cards. We want her to focus on using he and she and not trying to remember what the name of the picture card is.

Now place a picture card on one of the tables. When your child gets better at this, you can place a picture card on each of the table ( as in the picture below).

What's the best way to start ?

Put only 1 A4 sheet on the table, either the he sheet or the she sheet.

Lets say, we use the "she sheet".

Ask your child: Who has the car?

She needs to say: She has or she has the car

Now replace the car picture card with an apple card.

Ask your child: Who has the apple?

She needs to say: She has or she has the apple

Keep replacing the picture cards and continue asking the same question, your child might be more keen to participate if her sibling also takes turns answering.

Watching her sibling answering correctly, will help her understand what is required of her.

What's next?

Place both the he and she sheets on the table and ask her :

"who has the apple?" Say: "good, he has it".

"Now who has the car?" Say: "yes, she has it".

As usual, repeat the target words "he has it or she has it" at any chance you get. Doing this will reinforce the skill and enable her to learn faster.

How do I become a member?

Membership is only for parents who have a child with special needs. It is learn more click on the "Become A Member" button below.

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