Speech Therapy Activity: A Sure Way to Teach your little one to Pack His Schoolbag.

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What age group is this activity for?

This is meant for preschool children who bring the same things to school everyday.

Why is this activity great for my child?

Since this activity takes place daily, your child has many chances to practice this skill and thus learn at a faster pace: Your child will learn:

  • the vocabulary of the items that he has to put into his bag daily ( 9-10 words).

  • the preposition of location "in", since you will be repeatedly giving him instructions such as; put in the book or put in the colours and much more

  • how to pack his bag independently and when he starts primary school, all you will need to teach him is to pack his bag following the timetable. We will get into later on.

Are there any important rules to follow in order for my child to successfully learn to pack his bag independently ?

Yes. To start teaching this skill, you will need to know all the items needed daily. Please do not keep changing the items. See the image below as an example.

Can you explain the example further ?

Lets say that your child takes the 9 items above to school everyday. Make sure you use the same 9 items everyday and the same words to label them too.

Do not add items or remove items.

However, you do not need to use the same words that I have used for the items.

For example, for diapers you may choose to use 'pampers', for t-shirt-baju, for snack- lunch or bekas, for water-water bottle or botol, for pencil case, you may use pencil box

However, it is very important to stick to the same words for now..we will eventually need to change the items and the words later on so that your child will not become very rigid.

For Now: everything must be the same.

EG: don't say t-shirt on monday and baju on tuesday...

How do I conduct this training? Are there any steps to follow?

Lets Start Preparing ! We do need to follow the steps below.


Prepare A Visual Schedule, see the image below. Since this activity is for young children, a big size Visual Schedule will be more suitable ( A3 Size). Do Laminate it because it will be used daily and your child will need to tick the box using a Whiteboard Marker.

How do I use the Visual Schedule ?

We will first need to set up an area as in the picture below. All the items must placed as in the picture. No unrelated items should be seen nearby. We want your child to easily find the items as per the list.

You will need to sit with your child to guide him. The Visual Schedule needs to be followed from top to bottom.

You: Get your child's attention and show him the list. Point to the book (top of the list).

You say, " First book, put the book, in your bag"

If you child has taken something else, guide him back to the book and prompt him to place it in the bag.

You say " Good, the book is IN the bag, let's tick the list"

Give him a whiteboard marker to tick off the book from the list.

Say the words in BOLD louder than the rest. This is to emphasize the name of the items and the preposition "in"

Repeat this process until all the items on the list have been ticked off. Later, wipe off the tick marks from the list since you will be reusing it.

As he gets better at this, gradually withdraw from helping him, our goal is for him to be able to pack his bag independently.

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