Speech Therapy Activity: A Fun Strategy to Train Your Child to Follow Instructions: Part 1

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

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Why is it important for your child to understand and follow instructions?

  • Firstly, when a child cannot follow instructions well, there is frustration for all parties involved: the child, his parents and his teachers.

  • It is impossible to attend school without a good ability to follow instructions e.g., in school rules, lessons etc.

How do we start teaching our child this important skill?

If your child is very new to this skill and very young, you may want to start with action songs such as "Head Shoulder Knees & Toes" and “If You Are Happy and You Know it”

My child is already able to follow instructions using action songs. What’s the next step?

We can try with activities that can be done on the table.

What activity can I start with?

You can start with this fun apple tree activity.

In this post we will focus on 1 to 2 Step-Instructions.

Lets start preparing,


Setting up the materials...


Cut out each of the apples in the picture above

How do I conduct the therapy?

There are two sets of activities in this post. The 1st one is for beginners. It involves giving simple 1-Step Instructions.

The 2nd one involves giving 2-Step Instructions.

Which one do I start with?

It all depends on your child's ability, you can always test him with the easier Activity first.


Setting the table...

Place the picture of the tree on the table and 2 or more red apples ( keep increasing the number of apples if your child finds the activity too easy for him)

Only place red apples at this level (one color)

Conducting the activity

You say : "Put 1 apple on the tree"

"Very good, 1 apple on the tree"

Remove all the apples from the tree, and start again...

You say : "Put 2 apples on the tree"

"Good job, 2 apples on the tree"

Keep changing the number of apples. Also try using "Place the apples “ instead of only using "Put the apples “ so that your child understands that they mean the same thing.

If you notice that your child is looking bored and can follow this 1-Step-Instruction Activity with 100% accuracy, move on to ACTIVITY 2 below.


Setting the table...

Place the picture of the tree on the table, but this time, mix both the green and red apples for your child to select from. Again, increase the number of apples to select from, gradually. You can start with 1 green apple and 1 red apple.

Conducting the activity

You say : "Put 1 green apple on the tree"

"Very good, 1 green apple on the tree"

Remove all the apples from the tree, and start again...

You say : "Put 2 red apples on the tree"

"Good Job, 2 apples on the tree"

These are 2-Step-Instructions, the quantity + the color.

What's next?

Try giving your child instructions at home such as " Bring Mama 2 towels " or other items you can think of.

Make it easy enough so that your child will be successful. He will be thrilled to be able to help you do chores (he thinks he is helping, but you need to set the scene).

Part 2 of this post will be out soon, subscribe to our blog to receive post updates. All our posts are on Therapy activities that parents can do at home or Parent Education on issues such as Autism or ADHD.

MEMBERS, you can find all the materials necessary to conduct the activity above in the members only page, under the " Speech Therapy ToolKit ". All you have to do is to print and laminate.

How do I become a member of Louis Center's “Parents as Therapists“ Program ?

Membership is only for parents who have a child with special needs. It is free...to learn more, click on the "Become A Member" button below.

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