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Speech Disorder : S-S-S-Stuttering!!!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The main signs of a child developing a stutter, also known as stammering are; repeating or stretching out the starts of words, however taking frequent pauses between words can also be a warning sign.

At what age can this condition start?

This problem can occur either in children or adults. While stuttering is not a health condition, but it may lead to a disturbed communication process.

What are the courses of Stuttering?

According to research, the following factors may cause of stuttering:

1) Genetics Individuals with a family history of stuttering problems are most likely to experience the same problem.

2) Nerve damage Injury or damage to the nervous system caused by a stroke or accident can be the cause of stuttering, known as neurogenic stuttering.

3) Environment Individuals, particularly children who are exposed to other individuals who stutter ( parents, siblings, relatives), tend to follow their conversational style and may stutter.

4) Stress Individuals who are under pressure to talk, shows more tendencies to stutter. For example, when parents pushes them to pronounce a certain word correctly and accurately. This causes pressure on the muscles of speech and cause stuttering.

It is perfectly normal for parents to worry about their children, and that is alarming if they are worrying too much. If this is the case, you should take your child to see a speech therapist. Remember not to interrupt them or finish their words / sentences for them. You may think you’re being helpful, but it will only lower their self - confidence. It is also the best way to alleviate your anxiety and get the most effective treatment for your child if necessary.

This video shows example of a person who suffers from stuttering :

For further reading, check out the website below :

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