Speech Therapy Activity: Teach your Child to use Action Verbs to Communicate-Part 5

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

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What do I need to teach my child before starting this Part 5 of the Action Verbs Series?

You will have to train your child to use the steps provided in Part 1, 2 and 3 of the series before you start Part 5. The link to the 3 parts can be found at the end of this post.

What kind of ring folder is suitable for my child?

It's best that you get one that your child can carry around easily - not too heavy or too bulky.

If you are good at art & craft, you can make one for your child...

Some sites sell the insert pages as in the image below.

Click the image below to go to the site.. this material is commonly used in communication folders. Maybe you can find the material in a stationary shop..

I found the one below in Shopee; click on the image to go to the page....try not to stick the pictures too close to one another. It will be difficult for your child to pull the pictures out.

Another thing to note, is the need to use thin Velcro strips so that the child can pull out the images easily.

PS: We are not selling any of these products....however I thought this one looked cute..

How do you make your communications folders?

We make a very simple one..

Step 1

Step 2

In step 1 above, you mentioned that not all children will need the strips on the cover of the folder to make sentences. Why is that so?

If your child is attending a good EIP , the therapist may use a variety of methods for your child to make sentences.

He might also have been taught to say "I want " + " ......"

(If the therapist is using the same communications method as this one, it's best to use the same one at home too)

Once your child picks up the technique of making requests by taking out the picture and passing it to you, while saying the word, you can also insist that he says "I want cycle" before letting him cycle.


If you are doing all the intervention by yourself, using the sentence strips on the cover will be a good idea.

I have made a communications folder for my child, what do I do now?

Place only the "Outdoor Activities" category card in the folder.

Why do I need to start with the Outdoor Activities Card first?

It is necessary to start with the Card that your child is most familiar with. You have been training your child to use the Action Verb picture cards in this category from Part 1 of this series right up to Part 3.

The goal for part 3 of this series was for your child to first go to the "Outdoor Activities" card, that is hanging near the door. Next, pull out the picture of the activity that he wants to do and finally, give the picture to you.

In order to achieve the goal above, he had to do it all independently...without any help.

Where do I place the folder and how do I teach him to take the card out of the folder?

Hang the folder in the same place where the "Outdoor Activities" card was - somewhere near the door

By now, your child is used to going to the Outdoor Activities category card just before 5pm to get the 'cycle' picture to hand it to you - as in the picture below....

Step 1:

Show your child that you are putting the Outdoor Activities category card in the folder earlier in the day.

Choose a time when he is in a relaxed mood. It would be great if you could also show him the location of the folder - hanging near the door

Step 2:

Just before 5pm, you will need to get to the door a little earlier than usual and hold open the Communications folder.

At first you may need to guide him. If you are doing it without a training partner, you can try helping him out by:

  • telling him to give you the cycle picture

  • pointing to the correct picture

  • pulling the picture out halfway so that he gets the idea.

If it is too difficult, use a training partner to start off with.

What's the next step?

Teach your child to take down the communications folder by himself, place it on the floor, open it and hand you the correct action verb picture card.

Again, you may need the help of a training partner for a few days..

Do remember not to let your child be too dependent on the training partner's help. Practice PROMPT FADING.

My child is able to do this by himself now, what shall I do after this?

Gradually add more outdoor action verb cards such as:

Have fun with your child by playing outdoor games such as kicking the ball and blowing bubbles. This will motivate him to want to want to make more requests using the Action Verb picture cards: blow, kick, throw or whatever he likes....

Do you have a Part 6 to this series?

Yes we do....

Click on the images below to go to Part 1, 2 and 3 of this Action Verb Series.

Look out for Part 6 of this Series.....Subscribe to our blog to get new posts emailed to you...its FREE. Just click on the link below..

Have you read the "...requesting for toys .." series post yet?

It would be a good time to try it out soon....eventually you can put this series Category Card " Toys and Activities" in the folder too.

You could also go on to Part 6 of this series before starting the above series...

Click the images below to go to Part 1 and Part 2 of the series..

Part 1
Part 2

Look out for Part 6 of this Series.....Subscribe to our blog to get new posts emailed to you...its FREE. Just click on the link below..

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