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BORED: No Worksheets or writing pls..Sure, lets use a Multisensory method today-Louis Center

Updated: May 27, 2020

A multisensory approach to teaching & learning is UNLIKE the traditional one.

In a traditional classroom setting

Teaching and learning usually involves the teacher teaching (talking) and the students listening (sense of hearing-auditory) or looking ( sense of sight-visual)

Lets take a look at the traditional method of teaching addition.

In a multisensory classroom setting (it may not be suitable in classrooms of 30+ students)

The multisensory approach promotes learning by trying to use as many senses as possible.

Now lets take a look at the video below: A multisensory approach to teaching addition.

The senses used in this video include the; sense of sight (visual), hearing (auditory), movement( kinesthetic ) and tactile (touch).

We have compiled for you a Multisensory Method for teaching various Counting , Sorting and Fine Motor Skills in the slides below;

Message for mobile uses: please see the instructions below the slides.

403 Message: Simply click "COMBINING COUNTING-SORTING-FINE-MOTOR by Julia Louis

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