How to Make your Child with Autism Better?

Updated: May 4, 2020

Why Occupational Therapy (OT) is a MUST for Autism

The Basics: Part 1

I will try to explain this in more practical terms

So why is OT a MUST?

Lets take a look at this chart. Today we will only be looking at numbers 1 and 2.


  • Why do we need a WELL integrated sensory system?

Pl refer to number 1: Our brains receive information from our 7 senses.

The brain then processes this information and tells our body how to move and how behave in the appropriate way

( to act according to the information received by the brain)

In children with Autism, the information from these senses are not processed accurately.

Lets take our Auditory Sense ( in the blue row) as an example;

When we hear sounds from a vacuum, blender or a grass cutting machine. Our auditory sense ( sense of hearing) passes the information to our brains and our response might be: nothing or to comment coolly to a friend " that's quite load, I cant hear the TV" . This should be the appropriate behavior experienced by most people.

This is because our senses are integrated well.

Let’s take a child with autism who screams and cries when he hears the same sound. His auditory sense passes the information to his brains however his reaction is very different from ours.

This is because his senses are NOT well integrated.

Lets take our sense of taste ( in the blue row) as an example;

Some children with autism may NOT have a problem with their sense of hearing,

however may have a problem with their sense of taste instead.

Eating plain white rice to us might just make us think about "how bland and tasteless it is" .This should be the appropriate behavior experienced by most people.

This is because our senses are integrated well.

  • He may roll all over the floor, bang his head and scream. This behavior of his makes us so confused, we might think that he is badly behaved and proceed to punish him.

  • We may not have made the connection between the rice and all the drama.

  • The taste of rice to this child is so sickening. He simply cant tolerate it. That is why many children with autism are PICKY EATERS . They may reject many types of food. This can be based on many different reasons

  • , for example: the texture of the food or how spicy it is or sometimes even temperature.

This is because their senses are NOT well integrated.

Sensory Integration Therapy comes under the umbrella of Occupational Therapy.

The Occupational Therapist (OT) needs to first find out which of the child’s senses is not integrated well.

Thereafter CONDUCT some activities that will help his senses to integrate better

Parents often see difference in the child, sometime even within a month. Depending on how often the OT sessions are held and how young the child is.

Learning about the sensory problems your child faces and selecting the right activity for those problems, is so important!

Parents with some guidance will be able to sort many of these problems on their own. This is so important especially for those with no access to OT ( at least 3 times a week at first)

What to Read Next?

The link below leads to the post which explains the level 2 of the Sensory Pyramid Below (green) , labeled as number 3. It shows you that if it is not developed well, your child may be can do so much for your child.........Parents as Therapist!!

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According to evidence based practice, your child needs a minimum of 20 hours of therapy a week.

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