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Academic Intervention: How to Teach your Child Number & Quantity Relationship?

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Does your child need to be able to identify numbers before learning this skill?

It is best that your child be able to identify at least numbers 1-5 first.

My child is able to identify numbers but does not understand the meaning of quantity. How do I start teaching her about the relationship?

You can start with Activity 1 below. We need to make it as simple as possible.

ACTIVITY 1 Preparation Time

Hold numbers 1-5 in your hands (flash cards)

Place a container with clothes pegs under the table (not to be seen)

How do I conduct the activity?

Place number 1 on the table along with 1 clothes peg. You say " Look, it's number one, lets clip one peg on the card"

Say these words loudly..." number one" "one peg"

Try to use your other children to model the required action first.

With number 2, place only the number 2 flashcard and 2 pegs on the table. You say " Look, it's number 2, lets clip 2 pegs on the card"

Again, say these words loudly..." number two" "two pegs"

See the picture below


Occupational Therapy Seremban fine motor control numbers louis center

My child is able to do this well now, what's the next step?

The process is the same, however, this time place more pegs than what is require by the card. See the picture below. Your child needs to select the correct number of pegs and clip it on.

Occupational Therapy Seremban numbers, quantity & fine motor skills louis center

My child is bored with this activity but I feel that she still needs more practice. What do I do?

You can try using disposable cups instead. Label the cups with numbers and change the pegs to something different.

See the picture below.

These activities are great for your child's fine motor skills too!

EIP Autism Seremban numbers, quantity louis center

Or if you are creative and good with your hands, you could create the activity as in the video below. Our students simply love it.

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