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How to make counting, sequencing & matching numbers fun for your child ? Louis Tips

Most kids prefer a more interactive style of learning rather than just the "ordinary pencil and paper" method.

While the "ordinary pencil and paper" method is still a must, we need to use a variety of other methods too in order to gain the best results.

It's beneficial for both us (parent/teacher) and our child. We don't get frustrated trying to work with our unwilling child and our child may begin to think that learning is actually a lot of fun.

It’s so much easier to teach children when the learning task requires their active participation

(where they need to physically do something).

How do we do it at Louis Center Seremban?

Apart from worksheets and activities such the Ice Cream Activity (explained later ), we use our interactive projector. Take a peek at our little genius in this shot clip keen to participate...

How can you make learning numbers, counting and sequencing fun for your child?

Well, here is one method. Since children are attracted to colors and most love ice cream, we can use the ice cream theme below to teach them the various number skills.

The Ice Cream Theme for Numbers

This Activity Pack can be used to teach various concepts such as:

Number recognition

Number and Quantity relationship

Sequencing (ascending and descending order)

What comes "before", "after" or "next"

The embedded slide below provides the instructions.

Members can download the pack on the member's only page. All you need to do is: print, laminate & cut.

Membership is free for all parents with children with special needs. Click on the link below for more information or if you are interested in joining us.


For more FUN ways to teach Counting, while working on your child's Fine Motor and Sorting Skills, click on the link below.


I hope you found the Ice Cream activity useful...and that your child found it exciting..Do comment below if you would like to learn or get ideas on teaching a particular skill to your child.

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