Does your child have ADHD? He/she may also suffer from Depression!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

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Almost 30% of children with ADHD have severe mood disorders such as depression & anxiety.

In this post, we will use a boy name Hafiz ( not his real name) to explain how ADHD can cause problems in every aspect of a child's life.

This can include the child's academic performance and his relationship with friends, teachers and family.

First...What is ADHD?

ADHD stands for :

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

How common is ADHD ?

See the video clip

Are there different types of ADHD symptoms?

Yes, ADHD can present itself in 3 different ways, the ;

1) Inattentive Type (kurang fokus sahaja)

2) Hyperactive & Impulsive Type ( hiper & tidak berfikir sebelum bertindak-impulsif )

3) Combination Type: Both Inattentive & Hyperactive (kedua-duanya sekali)

In this blog post we will focus on TYPE 1, the Inattentive Type:


(This post does not seek to blame anyone)

Children with this type of ADHD are difficult to identify.

What are some of the symptoms to look out for?

Let's Meet 10-Year-Old Hafiz & see what his daily life is like....

Hafiz has the INATTENTIVE sub-type of ADHD

1. Hafiz's day at school: Problems with the Teacher

Hafiz forgets to bring his completed homework to school (forgetful)

Despite it being an honest mistake, his school teacher thinks that he is just plain lazy. She believed that Hafiz DID NOT actually do his homework.

Out of concern, she calls his Mum to complain that Hafiz was lazy and that he did not complete his homework.

2. Hafiz day at home: Problems with Parents

At home, Hafiz gets punished for the same mistake yet again.

Things get worse for him now because he keeps insisting that he really did complete his homework.

But when his Mum asks for it, he is unable to find the homework (loses things)

Now Mum thinks that Hafiz is not only lazy but also a liar. She gets him a new book

and makes him redo the homework.

By this stage Hafiz is emotional and unable to focus on his homework. He starts looking out the window dreamily (dreamy)

Now Dad sees him dreaming and as a punishment, he is not allowed to go to the park with this brother and sister.

When Hafiz finally finishes his homework, his Mum checks it and finds many careless mistakes…(carelessness)

Now Hafiz has no break, he is instructed to correct his mistakes....

3. Hafiz and his Friendship AT SCHOOL:

Studies have shown that children with the Inattentive type of ADHD are often ignored by their classmates.

Many of his classmates may think that Hafiz is a loser and not want to befriend him. Hafiz too may feel too ashamed by the public scolding he frequently receives, leading him to hide away.

Buying Friendship

On days that Hafiz does not get scolding in school, he may try to buy friendship by giving other children his pocket money, his pencils and other stationary.

Again leading to more problems at home as his parents will have to spend money to replace the missing items.

Watch this video to see how Hafiz feels about life..

The story above is a very real one…... ADHD not only affects the child alone........

families too are at loss, frustrated and overwhelmed.

ADHD can be treated. Identifying ADHD is very important for all those concerned .

As mentioned earlier almost 30% of those with ADHD suffer from mental health problems such as depression (kemurungan) and anxiety. That is why it is so important that ADHD be identified early.

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