How to Combine Occupational Therapy + Speech Therapy + Studying in 1 SINGLE Activity at HOME

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Combine all 3 ??

Yes, it's simple and easy to set up too. We understand how busy parents are. The video below is a classroom activity. Our therapists and teachers worked together to think of the best ways to achieve the skills below

1) Occupational Therapy Activity:

Gross Motor Skills: hopping, throwing sand bags,d toning muscles & more.

Hand eye Coordination: throwing the sandbags into the correct circles, trying hard not to miss.

2) Speech Therapy Activity:

Following 2-step to 3-step instructions: EG: "Jump into the blue ring and throw the blue sand bags into the small blue ring"

3) Academic Intervention:

Learning Colours, Colour Sorting and Increasing Vocabulary ( ring, name of colours, sand bag, jump, throw)

The video below will give you some ideas. To make the activity fun, try to include your other children too.

You can notice the children's keen desire to learn and how well they cooperated rather than when we just make them sit at the table. Of course, they have to sit at the table too, in order to prepare for school, but happy children learn faster...

Learning Through Movement

In order to prepare our kids for school, we also have times for sitting down activities, such as copying from board, writing practice and question & answer sessions.

Research has shown the benefits of incorporating learning with movement. We give our kids breaks where they do physical activities and proceed to learning again.

Keep changing styles

See the passage below from an article in Education Week titled:

Learning in Motion: Bring Movement Back to the Classroom

"..studies show that children who are more active exhibit better focus, faster cognitive processing, and more successful memory retention than kids who spend the day sitting still. Keeping the body active promotes mental clarity by increasing blood flow to the brain, making activity vital to both learning and physical and neurological health."

To read the complete article click:


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