An Easy Way to Increase the Number of Words in Your Child’s Sentence From 1 to 5 and more words

Updated: 2 days ago

Without enough details in your child’s sentences, others may not be able to understand him.

This can make your child and the other person frustrated.

This is why we need to introduce various Adjectives to his nouns. You can start these activities based on your child’s level.

Teaching Words That Describe Nouns : ADJECTIVES


What is a ADJECTIVES ?

A noun is a word for a person, place, or thing.

Examples of Nouns

People: ‘’policeman, John, cousin, lawyer’’

Thing: “lemon, apple, orange’’

Places: “house, school, Seremban’’

What is are ADJECTIVES?

ADJECTIVES Describe Nouns


A noun is a word for a person, place, or thing


Colour + Thing


In our materials, we will be focusing on the ADJECTIVES:

The number of objects ( EG: 3 apples)

The colour of the objects (EG: red apples)

A combination: 3 red apples

We use only 3 Nouns in the materials BUT feel free to use more ( apple, orange & lemon)

The activities are interactive and fun....Enjoy yourselves