A Major Reason Why your Child with Autism is not Reaching his FULL POTENTIAL

Updated: May 24, 2020

You believe that your child is bright. Your child received early and intensive intervention. At the beginning you saw your child progressing very well. Then as time went by, you begin to worry as he stopped progressing further...

What parents, therapists and teachers need to know ….

Dr Rajandran Muthoo, is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist specializing in treating children and teens with autism. He has 15 years or more worth of experience  in this area.

Dr Rajan stresses that we need to increase our expectations for our children. Children with autism can be expected to function at a normal level or more..

So when his patients do not reach his expectations, he reminds us ( intervention service providers & parents ) to be conscious about the blaring statistics on children with autism that also have ADHD….


His personal Experience

In diagnosing and treating ADHD in this group of Autistic children, he has seen marked improvements in areas that include;

-speech, language & comprehension

-academic performance

-social skills

-thinking: logical  and problem solving

-behavior ( since they are able to understand the appropriate behavior expected at different settings)

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