IT Courses for Children & Teens with Autism at Louis Center Seremban

Why do we have IT courses for individuals with autism?

  • We have had first hand experince of students who are very talented in this area.

  • We believe that if we do not expose individuals with autism to a variety of IT related skills, we will lose a  potentially large group of gifted people who would have had a chance to be employed & independent.

  • Our GOAL is to equip students on the Spectrum, with the skills & knowledge needed to join the workforce.

  • Many giant tech companies are now aware of this talent pool and have started employing them. This move for neurodiversity in the work place is mutually beneficial.



Our students are exposed to various IT Courses, we observe where their passion or talents lie in. 


and more..

Skills Taught

Website Designing

Online Communication




3D Designing


Graphic Designing

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