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 Multidisciplinary Teamwork ! Occupational Therapists, Parents, Speech Therapists, Teachers, Psychiatrist...

Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy..Play..& Learning Sessions at Louis Center for Autism Seremban

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Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists & Early Intervention Teachers at Louis Center for Autism Seremban

Louis Centre Seremban, Hari Raya Celebration
Celebrating 3 staffs Birthday at Louis Autism Centre Seremban
Louis Centre Seremban, Deepavali Celebration
Louis Centre Seremban, Christmas Celebration
Louis Centre Seremban, Chinese New Year Celebration
Louis Centre's beautiful ladies
Louis Centre Seremban, my best Chat buddies and me !
Louis Centre Seremban, A Student's Birthday Party...Teacher and Therapist Clowning around
These lovely teachers love to pose..
Louis Centre Seremban, Teacher Baya & Teacher Nana

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