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Seremban's 1st EIP for Autism 

Wondering What Your Child's Day to Day Routine in Our Center May Be Like 

A Positive Start to our EIP each day

As soon as our children arrive, they run into their classrooms to put away their bags dashing out into our garden to play.

What makes our garden so exciting? 

We have fun equipment for our children's physical exercise and enjoyment.

There is the standard Playground Set, Huge Bouncy Trampolines, a Rope Obstacle Course, a Playhouse with a slide and enough space to run around and play.

In equipping our garden, we payed close attention to the children's Occupational Therapy needs. 

While they enjoy, they are also working on skills such as good motor planning and balance and coordination while strengthening their muscle tones, developing their turn-taking and social skills.