Dr Rajandran Muthoo, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist practising in Seremban

Ours is the ONLY CENTER in SEREMBAN with a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist,
whose special passion for children and youth with Autism, makes it hard for him to keep away from the children in our center. 
Dr. Rajandran Muthoo ( Dr. Rajan ) is a well-renowned Child Psychiatrist who worked in Europe for 15 years The widely experienced doctor is currently a Senior Lecturer at the International Medical University (IMU). He has his own private practice called Child First and also is the Consultant Psychiatrist at Louis Center for Children with Special Needs. 
Dr. Rajan believes that children with autism can lead a normal life, be productive citizens and be innovative contributors in the specific fields that they have strong interest in. The popular fields include software programming, graphic designing, animation, art, accounting, math and astronomy.
Dr. Rajan is a big advocate in EARLY & INTENSIVE INTERVENTION. Many children under his care, have successfully integrated themselves into the mainstream kindergartens and schools. This usually is the case when EARLY & INTENSIVE INTERVENTION is taken seriously by their care-givers.
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Dr. Rajandran Muthoo


MRCPI, Ireland
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The Herald Malaysia Online stated: "Dr Rajandran Muthoo, Consultant Child Psychiatrist at the Tuanku Jaafar General Hospital, Seremban, took great pains to emphasise the importance of early intervention. His message was one of real hope, when parents and specialists engage early and intensely, in helping autistic children develop the social habits and behaviours, that allow them to integrate with confidence and greater independence in larger communities."

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