What is Autism ?

Autism is a developmental disability  He/she may be fast in reaching certain developmental milestones but slow in other. Usually problems can be seen in the child's behavior, speech or communication, unusual interest in certain toys or things...and display sensory integration problems. 

In addition, more than 50% of those with Autism have ADHD, according to CHADD. Click me to read more from CHADD....

Finding out your child's developmental level compared to what it's supposed to be will give you clues. The Center of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) provides  developmental milestones for various age groups.

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Dr Rajandran Muthoo, Child Psychiatrist in Seremban, giving a talk on Autism

Our Child Psychiatrist Educating the Public on Autism

What are the Early Signs of Autism ?

Ciri Ciri Awal Autisme 

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How is Autism treated?

The best time for optimum results is before the child turns 3. That does not mean those ages from 3-7 will not recover. The older the child is the more intensive the intervention needs to be. It may take them a little longer to recover.

Evidence Based Treatment Includes: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Early Intervention Program (EIP) & regular multidisciplinary meetings together with a Child Psychiatrist or a Child Psychologist

Louis Center Seremban has a special highly intensive program for children with Autism. Do read about our program to get an idea about what your child needs.If what your child is getting now is insufficient, you can join our "Parents as Therapists" initiative.