What is success to us?

Success for us at Louis Center Seremban is when happy parents inform us that their children will be leaving us for the mainstream education setting.

As a multidisciplinary approach to intervention, there are 7 heroes for each child who leaves; our Child Psychiatrist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapists, Special Needs Consultant, Physiotherapist, Child Psychologist, Teacher & his Parents

What drives us ?

  • Parents regularly sharing the changes they observe in their children.

  • Parents remaining in contact for years after their child has left us, regularly updating the Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Child Psychologist, Child Psychiatrist or the teacher concerned on their child's progress.

  • And of course we love our children......

A brief history.....

Louis Center begin its operations in 2011, as the first one- stop-center for children with special needs in Seremban (namely children with Autism). 

This decision to have all the child's therapy and educational needs under one roof came about during our many informal conversations with parents. I wont forget the main advocates for this, two very dedicated, hard-working and persistent mothers (Mei Ling and Crystal) who urged me on....

Like them many parents were overworked and tired from driving from one place to another. At that time Seremban had only 1 Speech Therapist and 1 Occupational Therapy, operating separately. They were good very, popular, in high demand and always fully booked. 


This resulted in many parents driving as far as to Kuala Lumpur almost  on daily basis for the various therapies. The therapies were not always one after the other . Very often mothers would have a couple of hours to kill between classes. This can be very trying for any parent with a little child, what more one who was on the spectrum.....

Our intervention approach....

In planning and goal setting, we work as a multi-disciplinary team.​ For each child in our center, we conduct many meetings as their needs often change.

Our multi-disciplinary members include representatives from the occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy team who works closely with the child concerned, his designated teacher and his PARENT.

Working in close collaboration with the child's parents is  one of the most important ingredient  in our success with the child.

Our staff...

Through the years, with trial and error, we have achieved  "a result oriented culture"in our workforce. We have a flat organizational structure where ideas are welcomed and often tested out. This has resulted in a low staff turnover......

You can often see our Speech Therapy staff, Occupational Therapy staff, Child Psychology staff and teachers discussing about the various children that they work together ....

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