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  Seremban's Early Intervention Autism Center 

   Seremban's Early Intervention Centre for Autism & other special needs

10 Years of Professional Diagnosis & Intervention Services

Why us?

At Louis Center we are able to provide your child with a diagnosis  allowing your child to receive intervention as soon as possible.


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Our  Team of Experts

We have a team of professionals: Child Psychiatrist, Therapists and teachers all working together with each and every child.

Every 3 months all our team members meet with each family to discuss your child

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Your child will succeed with the right method

  • Our EIP services consist of 30 hours of intensive individualized & group treatment per week 

  • Continuity of treatment ( we open during government school breaks )

  • Receive therapy, treatment and education from 5 different professionals.

  • 3 monthly Child Psychiatry review together with the other professionals

  • Parent training courses

Watch Many More Autism Intervention Sessions at Louis Center Seremban

Louis Intensive Early Autism Intervention



In Louis Center Seremban the team members include the child's :

Apart for the 3 monthly meetings, we want to still  a communicate regularly and have  Strong Relationship with you.

This relationship enables each parent/s and the team at Louis Center to work together in achieving our shared goals.

Autism Centre Seremban therapist and teachers

Parents, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Teacher and Child Psychiatrist

Freedom to use Louis Center's Customized Resources

Our flexible, "out of the box", evidence based resources are always available for parents and our staff members. 

Program Untuk Ibu Bapa

Kami membekal bahan terapi secara percuma bagi semua Ibu Bapa

  • Anda hanya perlu cetak-laminate-potong. 

 Recent Blog Post 

Autism Centre Seremban Occupational Ther



Many  of our children progress to the regular schooling system each year. Factors contributing to this include:

  • our strict adherence to evidence-based practices in therapy and education 

  • the attitude of the parents, therapists and teachers,  "that of believing in our children"

  • the amazing relationship between the parents and ourselves at Louis Center enables us to work as a team to improve our children. 

Watch Our 5-Year-Old Read the SUKU KATA


Multisensory Approach to Learning   

A good number of children (some as young as 3 and 4 years old) with Autism in Louis Center have mastered various Numeracy and Literacy Skills that regular kindergarten going children have not…..

This includes my own 3 year old child. While my daughter's verbal skills may be better than some of our students, her numeracy and literacy skills are no where close to this group of children.

They are able to read, write, understand number and quantity relationships as well as do simple addition and subtraction problems. 

 What's our secret.........well it's the Multisensory Approach to Learning   

  • Diagnosis Long & Short Term Observation

  • Comprehensive Evaluation & more

  • Ages 6 and above

  • Preparing our kids for the mainstream  SK, International or Private Schools


K 1

  • Age 2 and up

  • Mainstream Preschool Preparation

  • Potty Training 

  • Turn Taking

  • Feed Self

  • Ages 5 and above

  • Making sure our kids continue to progress & remain in the mainstream school / kindergarten.

  • Ages  4 - 5 

  • Kindergarten Preparation

  • Level 2 ( Age Group 5 & 6) 

  • Toilet Training

  • Getting Dressed

  • All age groups

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • IT  Training ( robotics, 3D design & more)

IT Courses For Children & Teens & Job Preparation

Towards being self-sufficient, walking with dignity....

  • Our GOAL is to equip students on the Spectrum, with the skills & knowledge to join the workforce.

  • We need to find out where their natural talents lie in and work on it. 

IT-Courses Offered

Take a look at some of the courses that we offer

( we are open to suggestions) 

See our students at work, their on going and completed project at Louis Center for Autism Seremban 

Watch Autism Intervention Sessions at Louis Center Seremban

Group Speech Therapy Activity at Louis Center: Making longer Sentences by combining a single Adjective (colour) with a Noun 

Whiteboard Activity at Louis Center: Our smart little preschooler knows his numbers ! And enjoyed the activity.

Speech Therapy at Louis Center Seremban
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