Experts in Diagnostics and Early Intervention Services

An Early Intervention Center 
Run By a Multidisciplinary Team of Professionals

Our evidence-based programs

Louis Center is known for its

evidence-based programs. 

It has resulted in many children

progressing to the regular

schooling system.

We have ALL the facilities needed for all the therapies

and educational interventions that your child needs.

And all this under one ROOF

These are among the various fun activities utilized to get our children engaged, excited and promote the love in learning.

We are firm believers in multi-sensory learning.

If a child is unable to learn in a certain way,

we make it OUR JOB to workout out the best method for him/her.

Our Popular Programs
  • Diagnosis

  • Long & Short Term Obsevation

  • Comprehensive Evaluation & more


  • Ages  below 4

  • Preparing our kids for  the mainstream  Kindergarten

  • Level 1    ( Age Group 2, 3 & 4) 

  • Ages  4 - 5 

  • Preparing our kids for the mainstream  Kindergarten

         Level 2 ( Age Group 5 & 6) 

  • Ages 6 and above

  • Preparing our kids for the mainstream  SK or International 



  • Ages 5 and above

  • Making sure our kids continue to progress &  remain in the         

        mainstream school/ kindergarten.


  • All age groups

  • Speech and Language Dev

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • IT  Training ( robotics, 3D design & more)

Girl Playing Outside
Multi-ethnic Group of Friends