Seremban's Early Intervention Autism         Center 

Run By a Multidisciplinary Team of Professionals

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Our Goal

-That the hard work by the children, parents & teachers enabled them to attend the normal school and perform as well / better than their peers


Get diagnosed BEFORE AGE 2


Worried? Get Diagnosed by Our Child Psychiatrist here in Seremban other Autism Experts.                   


Ignore these advises:   


"wait & see" 

"Ali was like that too, now he's ok"  



Early Intervention = Great Results





First a full assessment is conducted with the whole family if possible (FREE)


Parents across Malaysia come for this service.

The FREE assessment, is our small contribution to society



ONLY A Multidisciplinary Team Approach can Treat AUTISM




work together for each child:



Teacher, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Child





Multisensory Approach?



Autism is a multi-sensory problem that needs a multisensory approach to Learning



Do Check Out a some of our

MULTISENSORY Teaching Videos



you will not have to wait for months or years to receive a diagnosis.

If the diagnosis is positive, the specialize treatment process can begin. The call for early intervention is spreading across countries.

Skills addressed by our Comprehensive and Intensive Early Intervention Program ( EIP) include developing:

1) adequate academic knowledge,   

2)the ability to self-regulate behavior & emotions,

3)the use of speech to verbalize opinions, thoughts and  to communicate,   

4)the muscles needed to strengthen gross and fine motor skills, and

5)the ability to have good control over physical movements.

Watch Autism Intervention Sessions at Louis Center Seremban



Our Experienced and Skilled Multidisciplinary Team

The treatment approach for autism requires different professionals to work together as a team with each and every child.


In Louis Center Seremban the team members include the child's :

Occupational therapist, Speech therapist, teacher and Child Psychiatrist

Regular Multidisciplinary Meetings with Parents

Every 3 months each family meets with the Child Psychiatrist, Therapists and Teachers to discuss problems, progress and set new goals for their child

Maintaining a Constant and Strong Relationship with the Parents

This relationship enables each parent/s and the team at Louis Center to work together in achieving our shared goals.

Freedom to use Louis Center's Customized Resources

Our flexible, "out of the box", evidence based resources are always available for parents and our staff members. 

Louis Center creates  various customized education programs, workbooks and practice books that targets the various individualized goals.

The teachers have the flexibility to choose & use resources & equipment ( interactive projector, Computers, drawing tab...etc ) that they feel will contribute achieving our goals. 

Kami percaya yang Ibu Bapa juga boleh mengendalikan terapi sendiri di rumah.

Oleh itu kami merancangkan Program:

Kami membekal bahan terapi secara percuma bagi semua Ibu Bapa

  • Anda hanya perlu cetak-laminate-potong. 

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Multisensory Approach to Learning   

A good number of children (some as young as 3 and 4 years old) with Autism in Louis Center have mastered various Numeracy and Literacy Skills that regular kindergarten going children have not…..

This includes my own 3 year old child. While my daughter's verbal skills may be better than some of our students, her numeracy and literacy skills are no where close to this group of children.

They are able to read, write, understand number and quantity relationships as well as do simple addition and subtraction problems. 

 What's our secret.........well it's the Multisensory Approach to Learning   




Many  of our children progress to the regular schooling system each year. Factors contributing to this include:

  • our strict adherence to evidence-based practices in therapy and education 

  • the attitude of the parents, therapists and teachers,      "that of believing in our children"

  • the amazing relationship between the parents and ourselves at Louis Center enables us to work as a team to improve our children. 

Watch Our 5-Year-Old Read the SUKU KATA

  • Diagnosis Long & Short Term Observation

  • Comprehensive Evaluation & more

  • Ages 6 and above

  • Preparing our kids for the mainstream  SK, International or Private Schools


K 1

  • Age 2 and up

  • Mainstream Preschool Preparation

  • Potty Training 

  • Turn Taking

  • Feed Self

  • Ages 5 and above

  • Making sure our kids continue to progress & remain in the mainstream school / kindergarten.

  • Ages  4 - 5 

  • Mainstream Kindergarten Preparation

  • Level 2 ( Age Group 5 & 6) 

  • Toilet Training

  • Getting Dressed

  • All age groups

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • IT  Training ( robotics, 3D design & more)

IT Courses For Children & Teens & Job Preparation

Towards being self-sufficient, walking with dignity....

  • Our GOAL is to equip students on the Spectrum, with the skills & knowledge join the workforce.

  • We need to find out where their natural talents lie in and work on it. 

IT-Courses Offered

Take a look at some of the courses that we offer

( we are open to suggestions) 

See our students at work, their on going and completed project at Louis Center for Autism Seremban 


Watch Autism Intervention Sessions at Louis Center Seremban

Group Speech Therapy Activity at Louis Center: Making longer Sentences by combining a single Adjective (colour) with a Noun 

A Colour Sorting Activity at Louis Center: Our smart little toddler got the on the red paper, & yellow on yellow.


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